Useful tools and information

The team at APS have created and provide a number of datasets, tools, data files and calculators for anyone to use free of charge. All we ask is if you use the information from this website please refer to us in your work.

This information is provided free of charge and APS take no liability for either misuse, misinterpretation or mistakes related to the data provided.

Guidance: AQ site suitability assessment

May 19, 2023

For a long time we have been concerned that the planning system does not adequately protect users of new development from the effects of air pollution.  This issue is not adequately covered by the EPUK/IAQM guidance (Land-use Planning & Development Control: Planning for Air Quality) or any other guidance.  APS has filled this void. Several…

Meteorological Data Processing

April 20, 2020

Air Pollution Services Ltd (APS) is proud to be able to supply ADMS formatted data which is fully licensed for commercial use. Using carefully processed representative meteorological data at an appropriate temporal resolution is a very important part of air emission dispersion modelling and all data provided by APS goes through a careful quality assurance…

Meteorological Data

November 25, 2019

Air Pollution Services Ltd (APS) is pleased to be able to provide meteorological data formatted for use within ADMS, as well as other standard air quality models, such as AERMOD, ISC (for BREEZE Roads), GasSim, AUSTAL, EDMS, and STAR. APS can provide data and files suitable for direct input to ADMS models including: wind roses;…

Hypergeometric Distribution

November 7, 2019

APS have provided an online tool to calculate representative percentiles based on the short-term operation within a year. The short-term air quality impacts are complex to assess, given that several AQOs are based on an acceptable number of exceedences of the threshold per annum. For example for 1-hour NO2, the AQO permits 18 occurrences of…