Air Pollution Services Ltd (APS) is pleased to be able to provide meteorological data formatted for use within ADMS, as well as other standard air quality models, such as AERMOD, ISC (for BREEZE Roads), GasSim, AUSTAL, EDMS, and STAR.

APS can provide data and files suitable for direct input to ADMS models including:

  • wind roses;
  • hourly meteorological data records;
  • digital terrain data; and
  • variable surface roughness files.

To purchase AMDS met data visit the meterological website page. For all other formats and data files please email stating what data you would like.

APS has 11 years’ of data available from 2009 to 2019 from measurements made at approximately 600 meteorological stations located throughout the UK and data is licenced for commercial use. Please view the map below, data is only presented where there is good data capture for use within ADMS. ASP have carried out careful QAQC processes and data filling procedures to ensure the data available is the best quality data for use in ADMS. Details on the the data process are here.

Met site:

The standard ADMS met data includes nine variables:

  • YEAR – Year
  • TDAY – Day of year
  • THOUR – Hour of day
  • T0C – Temperature
  • U – Wind Speed
  • PHI – Wind Direction
  • P – Precipitation
  • CL – Cloud cover
  • RHUM – Relative humidity

In additional to the .met file you will receive a meta data for the site detailing information regarding the monitoring site to comply with LAQM.TG16.

Where there is low data capture for a variable, data is patched in based on appropriate data sources following best practice techniques (details of this will be provided). Unpatched data is also available if preferred.