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Air Pollution Services (APS) is an independent professional environmental consultancy, specialising in air quality, odour, meteorology and climate change. We have a proven track record of providing unique solutions to support clients with complex projects and lead the way professionally, maximising technical knowledge with efficiencies to ensure clients timescales are achieved.

Our growing team of experts has over 70 years of experience and collaboratively we draw knowledge and expertise from a range of backgrounds to enable us to deliver services of any scale and for a wide range of industries.

APS has substantial experience providing services to the private sector for a large variety of industries, such as residential, commercial, industrial, power-generating, waste, agricultural and transport developments. APS also has extensive experience in providing services to the public sector, including support for local authorities, regional-scale modelling and development of guidance.

Our head office is based in the iconic city of Bristol, from here we provide client support throughout the UK and internationally.

Challenging the norm

APS are always looking to work outside the box, finding new approaches to solve difficult situations and establish measures to help mitigate issues.

We have helped numerous clients achieve planning permission and environmental permits, despite challenging technical circumstances, particularly the effects of air pollution upon ecological habitats.

Air Quality Experts

Utilising years of experience, APS are able to deliver unrivalled standards of work in an efficient and timely manner.

We are leading the way with technical expertise and have developed software to allow assessments to be carried out efficiently, giving us time to focus on our client's needs.

Client-Focused Service

We pride ourselves in supporting clients throughout the development process, providing solutions early so risks are avoided later. APS provide in-depth feasibility and due diligence studies to identify and minimise potential risks.

We liaise with clients to ensure their concerns are addressed and provide unrivalled expertise to ensure all project complexities are overcome with ease.


Air Pollution Services was established in April 2019 when co-founders Kieran Laxen and Dr Austin Cogan identified the demand for client-focused professional services, which they believed could be delivered more efficiently with greater detail. What started as a two-person startup is now a thriving business, putting client needs at the forefront and achieving well beyond the goals they first set out.

Our Team

Air Pollution Services provides expert advice and support to developers, industry, local authorities and policy makers. The Company's Directors have a national reputation in air quality management and assessment, having helped develop air quality guidance, published scientific papers and presented at conferences both in the UK and abroad. As well as the two company directors, APS has access to a team with collectively over 50 years of experience in the field of air quality, odour, meteorology and climate change.

Dr Austin Cogan MPhys (Hons) PhD CEnv MIEnvSc MIAQM


Director & Co-Founder

Dr Cogan is a Director and cofounder of APS, is a Chartered Environmentalist, and has over thirteen years' experience in environmental sciences.  Austin has extensive experience of air quality, dust and odour assessments for a range of industries as well as services for local authorities, including Clean Air Zone and micro-simulation modelling. He is also an international expert in the field of climate change, having monitored greenhouses gases globally, published numerous scientific papers and presented at conferences internationally. Dr Cogan is also an expert in meteorology and satellite atmospheric monitoring, having gained years of experience working at the UK's Space Research Centre.

Kieran Laxen MEng (Hons) MIEnvSc MIAQM


Director & Co-Founder

Mr Laxen is a Director of APS and has over thirteen years' experience in the field of air quality.  Kieran is an active member of the IAQM committee. He has extensive experience of air quality monitoring and is a leading UK expert in the assessment of power generating facilities for both permitting and planning applications. He has been a stakeholder in Defra's and the Environment Agency's consultations into implementing the MCPD and Specified Generator Controls. Mr Laxen is also a meteorological expert and has substantial experience with ground-based monitoring of a wide range of parameters.

Dr Claire Holman, BSc (Hons) PhD CSci CEnv FIEnvSc FIAQM



Dr Holman is a Director of APS. She is a Chartered Scientist and a Chartered Environmentalist, has nearly 40 years of experience and has advised national governments in Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as the European Commission on a range of strategic air quality and climate change issues. Claire has contributed to the development of IAQM and EPUK professional guidance, is currently the chair of the institute, has been a member of a Government air quality review group, and advised the Department for Transport on their cleaner vehicles and fuels research programme. She is an experienced expert witness for planning and CPO inquiries and litigation.

Katya Kaczmarczyk, MBChB BSc (Hons)


Assistant Consultant

Mrs Kaczmarczyk is an Assistant Consultant of APS. She is currently gaining experience of undertaking air quality assessments for planning and permit applications as well as research in the field of air quality. She completed BSc Medical Biochemistry at the University of Leicester and continued her studies at the University of Warwick to complete a MBChB Medicine, working as a Doctor in the Southwest Deanery afterwards. Her focus is now on the effects on health from air pollution.

Thomas Wescott, BSc (Hons) AMIEnvSc AMIAQM

Tom Website Photo

Assistant Consultant

Thomas Wescott is an Assistant Consultant at APS, with over two years' air quality, dust, and odour consultancy and previously worked at ACCON UK and freelance. He has significant experience working on assessment to support planning applications and road infrastructure projects, using a range of dispersion models, such as Breeze AERMOD, Breeze Roads and ADMS Roads. He is an active Associate Member of the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and the Institution of Environmental Sciences.

George Bratchel, BSc (Hons) AMIEnvSc AMIAQM


Assistant Consultant

Mr Bratchel is an Assistant Consultant of APS. He completed his BSc Environmental Science at Plymouth University and previously worked as a graduate consultant at Create Consulting Engineers. He has experience working on residential planning applications of various sizes. He is currently gaining further experience of undertaking air quality assessments for planning and permit applications while supporting on a wide range of projects.

Ellie Tsiarapa, MSc AMIEnvSc AMIAQM


Graduate Consultant

Mrs Tsiarapa is a Graduate Consultant at APS, having previously gained six months’ experience working at the Air Quality Management Resource Centre (AQMRC). She has been involved in several EU and UK research projects, and also has experience in dispersion modelling. She holds an MSc in Environmental Consultancy from the University of the West of England (UWE) and is an Associate Member of the Institution of Environmental Sciences (IES) and the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM). She is currently gaining experience at APS in projects for Planning, Environmental Permitting, Local Authority Work and Indoor Air Quality.


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