Meteorological Data


Data from 2009 to 2023 available now. Please email us at

Met data

Air Pollution Services (APS) is pleased to be able to provide meteorological data formatted for use with ADMS, as well as other standard air quality models, such as AERMOD, ISC (for BREEZE Roads), GasSim, AUSTAL, EDMS, and STAR.

Discounts are available when purchasing multiple years' of meteorological data.

Data formatted for use with ADMS can be purchased directly from this website. For all other formats please email us at

In addition, APS can provide wind roses and other data suitable for direct input to ADMS models including:

  • digital terrain data; and
  • variable surface roughness files.

APS has 13 years’ of data available from 2009 to 2022 from measurements made at over 300 meteorological stations located throughout the UK. The data are licensed for commercial use.

Please view the map below for the station(s) and year(s) you are interested in. Then add the data to your cart. After purchase the data will be available for download.

2020-2022 data are currently only available by email.

If you wish to purchase data using a purchase order, please email

All data are processed to provide representative annual datasets with the maximum possible data capture for each station displayed.

The provided data file includes meta information for each site:
– initial data capture for each variable, details on any filling from nearby sites and final data capture after the filling process; and
– approximate site location and ground elevation.

If your study area isn't covered, we have NWP meteorological data for every 3km x 3km grid in the UK - click here to find out more

2020-2023 data are available by emailing us.

Scroll down to browse the map, click on the windroses for more details.

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