Numerical Weather Prediction Meteorological Data

NWP Met data

Air Pollution Services (APS) is pleased to be able to provide Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) prognostic meteorological data formatted for use with ADMS, as well as other standard air quality models, such as AERMOD, ISC (for BREEZE Roads), GasSim, AUSTAL, EDMS, and STAR.

Data are available for multiple years for every 3 km x 3 km grid square in the UK pre-processed. Therefore available within 24hrs.

Discounts are available when purchasing multiple years' of meteorological data.

Data can be purchased by emailing us at

Example data for are shown for a small area of the UK on the map below.

APS can also provide a short meteorological report looking at a study area meteorological parameters - email to find out more.

Scroll down to browse the map, click on the windroses for more details.

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