Air Pollution Services Ltd (APS) is proud to be able to supply ADMS formatted data which is fully licensed for commercial use.

Using carefully processed representative meteorological data at an appropriate temporal resolution is a very important part of air emission dispersion modelling and all data provided by APS goes through a careful quality assurance and control process to ensure only the best data is supplied.

Data are provided for the range of variables needed as standard by ADMS:
• Temperature (T0C)
• Wind speed (U)
• Wind direction (Phi)
• Cloud cover (CL)
• Relative humidity (Rhum)
Data are also provided for precipitation (P) where it is available which is required by some modules within ADMS.

Data are initially screened for the data quality and erroneous data removed, data are screened for unusual variations and extreme values which are investigated and removed as required, then site statistics and information defined including:
• Data capture for each variable;
• Mode wind direction;
• Site elevation;
• Site proximity to the coastline;
• Variation in terrain height over a 1 km area; and
• Proportion of urban area over a 1 km area.

Where initial data capture is considered high enough, data for the site is included in the available datasets. However, it is important to ensure the highest possible representative data capture and as such the data has been filled following a rigorous filling process involving a multi-stage procedure.

The stages fill data considering the duration of missing data, data capture, a filling temporal hierarchy of seasonal, summer/winter split and then yearly statistics and data frequency which includes pairing wind speed and wind direction. The filling process for wind speed and direction accounts for the site classification (rural/urban, hilly/flat, coastal/non-coastal), the mode wind direction and distant. Other variables are filled based on distance.

The final dataset is a representative dataset which has the highest possible relevant data capture for use within ADMS models.

Data are only provided where data capture for all essential variables is considered high.

Supplied datasets include meta information detailing the following:
• Location
• Elevation
• Indicative surface roughness
• Indicative Surface Albedo
• Indicative minimum M-O length
• Site classification
• Data capture for each variable including details on where/how data have been filled.

To purchase data in ADMS format please visit the meteorological page of the website, for any other format please please email stating what data you would like.