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To obtain the AirChecker – Home report, please fill in the form and the report will normally be sent to your email address within 1-2 working days

(Simple instructions of how to obtain the location parameters are given further below)

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  • Property Address *

  • Property Type *

  • Lowest level of property (not including entrance) *

    Ground level is 0.
    1st floor (2nd storey) is 1.
    2nd floor (3rd stroey) is 2. Etc.Max: 500

  • Door/Window Facing Road? *

  • Distance to Nearest Kerb *

    This is the distance in meters between the building wall (facade) and the edge of the road. Not the distance from the property land boundary (or fence/wall).

  • Latitude *

    Scroll down for instructions on how to easily find the latitude. Do this actually is important

  • Longitude *

    Scroll down for instructions on how to easily find the longitude. Do this actually is important.

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How to get Latitude and Longitude

To obtain the latitude and longitude of the property:

  • Simply open up google maps and click on the property on the map. Ideally place the click on the side of the building which is located nearest to a road.
  • This should create a grey marker, for which the latitude and longitude are displayed in a box at the bottom of the screen. Please see the example in the picture below – here the latitude is 51.520622 and the longitude is -2.546157.
  • These values can be copied and pasted into the AirChecker form above.

How to get Distance to Nearest Kerb

To obtain the distance of the property to the nearest kerb:

  • Right click on the grey marker
  • Select ‘Measure Distance’ and then click on the nearest kerb
  • Another box should appear at the bottom of the screen which gives a distance
  • Copy and paste this distance into the AirChecker form above.