Climate Change Assessments

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APS are recognised international experts in the field of climate change and greenhouse gases; the directors have worked with NASA, ESA and JAXA and a variety of universities and government bodies internationally, producing research and presenting at conferences around the globe. We are able to provide a range of services with proven expertise.

Greenhouse gases emissions

Greenhouse Gas Assessments

Air Pollution Services has developed an extensive greenhouse gas inventory software which is used to efficiently and robustly identify emissions for developments. This includes calculations of embodied carbon, indirect and direct operational emissions, as well as existing and future baseline carbon and emission projections at local, regional and national spatial scales.

Climate Vulnerability Assessments

Assessments of climate change are now a requirement of EIAs. Air Pollution Services provide robust assessments of analysing changes in greenhouse gases and determining the effect on the achievement of future carbon and emission budgets. APS also assess the vulnerability of developments to climate change on varied temporal scales through collating all potential effects and determining their risk.

Climate change effects
Climate Adaptation

Climate Change Action Plans

It is essential that our effects on climate change are minimised where possible. Air Pollution Services works with Clients to minimise emissions from new and existing developments. APS provide climate change action plans to demonstrate what has been achieved through design and measures to minimise future emissions. APS ensures all measures are appropriate and feasible, to ensure emission reductions are achieved.

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