Millharbour, Isle of Dogs

Expertise Provided: Air Quality Consultant, Permitting Management, Stack Emission Monitoring

Project Period: 2019 - 2021

Project Type: Residential-led Mixed-use


Permitting Support

Air Pollution Services was commissioned to undertake the air quality assessment in support of the EPR permit application for the Millharbour development in London.

Additionally, APS was commissioned to provide permitting management, involving preparation of all documentation, submission and management of the application, as well as subsequent stack monitoring to ensure the engines adhere to the permit emission specifications.

Project Outline

A planning application was completed for the development at 2 Millharbour, Isle of Dogs, London. The scheme included the operation of a natural-gas fuelled CHP plant.

The onsite plant will provide heat and power for the development, which comprises of a mix of residential, office, retail and leisure units over five tower blocks.

A Specified Generator Permit was required for the plant from the Environment Agency, as part of the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR), to ensure it would not cause any significant effects to air quality.

The permit, once received, required ongoing stack monitoring of emissions to ensure the plant adheres to the permit.

Our Services

  • Air Pollution Services acted as the air quality consultants for the permit application.
  • Air Pollution Services acted as the permitting consultants, submitting and managing the permit application.
  • Air Pollution Services undertook stack emission monitoring.

Our Role

A detailed air quality assessment was undertaken to assess the impacts of the combustion plant upon the local area, both in terms of human health and ecological habitats, following the methodology set out by the Environment Agency. The assessment demonstrated insignificant impacts.

The assessment along with other relevant documents were submitted to the Environment Agency and the application was managed until the permit was granted.

Ongoing support was provided, including stack emission monitoring, which was carried out in adherence with the permit and the findings submitted to the Environment Agency.

Our Value

  • Provided permit advice, in a clear and understandable way for the client.
  • Able to navigate the nuances of the permitting system and provide assessments and management suitable to successfully obtain permits.
  • Capable of providing post-permit support, including stack emission monitoring.