Hanwell Chase Phase 3, Cherwell

Expertise Provided: Air Quality Consultant

Project Period: 2019

Project Type: Residential


Quick and straightforward support provided

Air Pollution Services was commissioned to undertake the air quality assessment in support of the full planning application for the Hanwell Chase Phase 3 development in Cherwell.

APS agreed the assessment approach for this urban extension with the Council. The assessment was streamlined to utilise the findings of the previous phases, allowing a quick turnaround.

Due diligence was still given to the key issues and cumulative impacts of vehicle emissions assessed in detail.

Project Outline

A full planning application was submitted for the construction of a residential development including 34 dwellings. These new homes form part of the wider Hanwell Chase urban extension in Banbury.

Our Services

  • Air Pollution Services acted as the air quality consultants for the planning application.

Our Role

Our air quality assessment focused on the potential impacts of the development upon the local area as well as future conditions of occupants of the development, ensuring they will receive air quality below the national objectives.

In recent years Banbury has been undergoing significant development with many urban extensions being granted planning permission in the north of the town. The assessment considered the cumulative impacts of these and whether they would be adversely impacted by the new development. There are, however, several Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in Banbury due to elevated emissions from existing road traffic, and increasing traffic further was therefore a key concern. Nevertheless, the detailed assessment demonstrated that this development would not cause detrimental effects in the local area.

The assessment also found that air quality would be below the objectives for future occupants both the development and cumulative schemes.

Our Value

  • Provided client-focused support to ensure all concerns were addressed and explained in a clear and concise manner.
  • Undertook the assessment with due diligence, identifying potential sources of concern and taking the initiative to use our great communication skills to overcome the issues quickly.
  • Utilised relevant findings of nearby developments to minimise the scope and timescales of the assessment.