Grevenbroich, Germany

Expertise Provided: Air Quality Consultant

Project Period: 2020

Project Type: Industrial


International industrial requirements addressed

Air Pollution Services was commissioned to undertake the air quality assessment in support of the permit application for a saltcake processing plant development in Grevenbroich, Germany.

Both the air quality assessment requirements and permitting process differ internationally. APS was able to support the client with their facility in Germany in a timely and robust manner.

Project Outline

A permit application was being sought for a saltcake processing plant development at the existing industrial estate, off Kölner Landsraße in Grevenbroich, Germany.

The estate already includes a number of industrial processes, which produce several waste products that could be recovered through the development.

The saltcake recovery process includes two parallel lines, each with its own stack which will release pollutant emissions to air. The process also includes a saltcake cooler and a saltcake crusher, both of which also release emissions of dust through separate stacks.

Our Services

  • Air Pollution Services acted as the air quality consultants for the permit application.

Our Role

A quantitative assessment of pollutant emissions released to the atmosphere from the proposed saltcake processing plant was carried out.

The impacts of nitrogen dioxide, ammonia and dust upon the local area were predicted using a detailed dispersion model.

The results demonstrated that the impact on human health from pollutant emissions released by the saltcake processing plant would be not significant.

Our Value

  • Understanding of international air quality standards and permit processes.
  • Provided client-focused support to ensure all concerns were addressed and explained in a clear and concise manner.
  • Understanding of Germany's assessment methodology for defining sensitive locations.