105 Victoria Street, London

Expertise Provided: Air Quality Consultant

Project Period: 2020

Project Type: Office, Retail and Leisure


Due diligence and client focused support provided

Air Pollution Services was commissioned to undertake the air quality assessment in support of the full planning application for the Victoria Street development in Westminster.

APS worked with the client through multiple design revisions, considering potential air quality risks and associated design and sustainability constraints.

Project Outline

A full planning application was submitted for a development at 97-105 Victoria Street in the City of Westminster, involving the demolition of existing building and erection of a ground, plus up to 14 storey building comprising office accommodation, affordable workspace, flexible retail, community and leisure uses, ‘Village Square’, area of outdoor seating, plus all highways, landscaping and other associated works.

Our Services

  • Air Pollution Services acted as the air quality consultants for the planning application.

Our Role

Our air quality assessment focused on the potential impacts upon future users of the development as well as the potential impacts of the development upon the local area.

The development is located in a highly urban area with large buildings surrounding local roads, leading to restricted dispersion of pollution and higher concentrations at street level. The key concern was this streetscape effect and how the development may alter it. In addition to long-term effects being considered at sensitive properties along nearby roads, short-term effects were also considered at street level along the busy pavements, seating areas and bus stops.

The assessment demonstrated that all effects would be not significant and air quality would be acceptable for future users.

Our Value

  • Provided client-focused support to ensure all concerns were addressed and explained in a clear and concise manner.
  • Undertook the assessment with due diligence, identifying potential sources of concern and communicating these to the project team.
  • Appropriately assessing streetscape ('street canyon') effects.