Air Quality Assessments

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Air Pollution Services have substantial experience in the field of air quality, with our team having over 50 years' experience of providing air quality assessments for planning and permitting applications. This has included assessments for a wide variety of developments, such as residential, commercial, industrial, power-generating, waste, agricultural and transport. We can deliver services of any scale in an expert and timely manner.

Air Quality Assessment Reports

  • Air Quality Monitoring Surveys
  • Construction Dust Assessments
  • Screening Air Quality Assessments
  • Detailed Air Quality Modelling
  • Air Quality Neutral Assessments
  • Air Quality Positive Assessments
Experts in Air Quality
Commercial Development

APS provides detailed air quality modelling of a variety of emission sources, such as:

  • road traffic
  • rail locomotives
  • car parks & idling
  • domestic boilers/fireplaces
  • centralised energy plant (CHP & Boilers)
  • backup generators
  • street canyon effects

We also provide a range of services to help discharge planning conditions, such as:

  • Construction Management Plans
  • Mitigation Strategies
  • Low Emission Strategies
  • Damage Cost Assessments
Construction Dust

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